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Fear happens. It’s unavoidable. It’s part of what makes us human. When fear rears its ugly head, it creates havoc. Though this is never an easy experience, it can be particularly damaging for spiritual Lightworkers. Fear can cause us to question ourselves and lose confidence in our intuitive abilities

Fear is an opportunity — an opportunity to go deeper on the path and be accountable for what’s ours — or an excuse to run away and hide.

Fear is closely tied to ego, because fear is often one of the ways ego speaks. Our human experience with both ego and fear dictates the level of spiritual connection we can attain. It’s up to each of us, there­fore, to figure out our own way to work with fear.

Like checking our ego, putting a stop to our fear isn’t a onetime thing — it’s a lifelong practice. Luckily, it gets easier as we go along. When we learn to address fear right away, reg­ularly checking in to assess its role in our decision-making, it becomes easier to integrate fear work into our spiritual devel­opment process.

Fear of Success and Failure

Whenever we dedicate ourselves to a new pursuit, whether it’s getting into shape or baking or painting landscapes, it’s natural to want to be good at it — right away. This is also an ego thing, to a large degree. We want proficiency. We want a reliable skill that we can pull out and use when we need it. Yet, like most people who have ever tried to get into shape or learn to bake or paint landscapes will attest, it doesn’t happen overnight. That gives us a lot of time to think.

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This is when fear of the future comes in. What if we fail? Worse, what if we succeed?

This moment is pivotal, because the way we deal with these fear-based thoughts says everything about the degree to which they can govern us. It’s easy to fall into a failure mentality because believing in success is risky; it carries the fear of disappointment.

This is part of the reason why I always encourage my students to dream as big as they want to dream but to focus on the action as much as the vision. I love manifestation work; I believe there’s a whole lot we can manifest when we learn how to do it. Yet it still requires action. It requires us to put our free will toward creating what we want.

When we’re quaking with fear of the future, we often focus on the idea that it’s not going to work out. We tell ourselves that we aren’t going to realize our goal. In that circumstance, it often feels easier to play it safe and act small. Our action manifests our fear right into reality.

When this happens, we can lean into the possibility that it will work out — we just don’t know how yet. We’re showing up. We’re pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone. We’re doing the work… and where that road leads is not up to us, as long as it’s grounded in light.

Giving up a Fear-Based Identity

It can be hard to give up an identity. I spent most of my first marriage convinced I would never get divorced; I was convinced that my role was to stay home with my children and dedicate everything to their pursuits and whatever might be in their interests, including continuing my marriage with their father. The idea of being a wife and mother felt safe and secure. It was comfortable, and I didn’t want to leave that. It was profoundly difficult for me to give up the very image of myself as someone who would never get divorced, just as adopting the mantle of psychic medium is terrifying to many of my students.

Right in the middle of that process, somewhere between the dismantling and reinvention, my guides called me to start working with my psychic gifts. It’s as if I dissolved completely and was rebuilt from the ground up. Spirit brought me the guidance and the people I needed to keep on going, so I did.

Many of my students experience this dismantling process. When that starts to happen, it can be uncomfortable, especially because there’s no way to know how deep it will go. Take good care of yourself when you’re feeling tender. Reach out to the people in your life who can help — including the new people you’ll meet on the path, who understand what it’s like to go through a spiritual transformation. These people will come. One of the most beautiful aspects of working with developing psychics is seeing how supportive and positive my students are toward each other.

Working through Fear

Part of working through fear involves being open to whatever arises. Ariela came into my classes carrying a lot of trauma. She’d had to contend with abuse, addictions, and self-harming behaviors for years. Spirituality helped bring Ariela out of her darkness, and as she began to connect with her version of God, she started receiving channeled messages. That’s when she found me.

At first, she was very nervous about what the other students would think of what she was doing — and I can only imagine that she was even more nervous about what the people at home thought! She had all this talent, but she played it small. As time went on, Ariela started racking up positive experiences in class. Time and again, her intuitive skills were confirmed. Each time she overcame something, she would become more confident. I watched her dive deeper and deeper into the spiritual world.

Suddenly, Ariela’s channeling intensified tenfold. She started uploading her messages to YouTube, put up a website, and went all in. Today, her confidence is soaring! She looked at her fear, flipped it the bird, and kept going. I watch her videos, which are full of Spirit messages and love, and I’m so happy to see Ariela doing exactly what her Team wants her to do. I’ve been able to witness her healing through the process of finding success as a transmedium, bringing messages from another plane here to Earth.

I’ve seen a similar phenomenon among healers, artists, and others whose psychic development morphed into something they never imagined possible. These students start with the methods I suggest, but then they turn it into a DIY process as their gifts develop. It’s the best possible outcome, as I see it!

If you are someone who is afraid to develop your psychic gifts because you realize how strong they are, you are not alone — I feel you. This is a whole new world, and facing that can be overwhelming. Yet if your guides are pointing you in that direction, I think you already know you have to listen. You wouldn’t be reading these words were that not the case.

Look back on your life and all the terrifying things you have gone through. Acknowledge them, and then gently push your fear to the side. I’d never tell you to just sweep it away, but I encourage you to walk alongside your fear in parallel. You’ll join the ranks of the many courageous souls who have walked before you.

PRACTICE: Chakra Realignment

This simple exercise uses the psychic version of the five-second rule. This means five-second answers are necessary; ask, and then jot down the first thing that pops into your head.

I love using tools like this that strengthen our ability to tap into the psychic realm immediately. They’re especially helpful early in the process of psychic development, because it can be so amazing to see how much we already know without having to work at it. That gives us the confidence we need to make the practice our own. As you work with it, be patient and have fun. It’s meant to be light!

Start by cleansing and grounding. Signal to your Team that you’re ready to receive their guidance.

Then get out a journal and a pen. Start by making three columns, labeled (from left to right) “Fear,” “What I’d Do Without It,” and “Mantra.”

Write down your top five fears in the left column, leaving plenty of space between them. Do it quickly, without pausing to think too much. Just let your pen fly!

Then fill out the middle column. What might you complete, accomplish, or even stop doing in the absence of that fear? There may be a list of answers. Again, use the five-second rule for each, and let this flow freely.

When you’ve completed the middle column, take a moment to stop and breathe. Reconnect your energy to the floor, recommitting to calling the light in through your crown chakra. Connect and center yourself in whatever way works for you.

Now, it’s time to turn each fear into a mantra. You don’t need to use the five-second rule for this (unless the answer pops up naturally!) — even when I do this myself, it sometimes takes a minute to find a strong mantra. Your mantra should be affirming and in the present, not future, tense (phrased as “I am” instead of “I will,” for instance). Here’s one example:

Leaving my high-stress job for a field that interests me.

Enjoy my days more.
Have the energy to develop my other gifts and skills after work.
Be open to the career path of my dreams.
Feel higher self-esteem knowing I am working in the right field.

I deserve to expand rofessionally and achieve my dreams

As you create your mantras, you may find that you start to somewhat channel them. This is great news; it means the DIY aspect of this process is unfolding. Your Team knows how deep you are going in order to address your fear, and they may show up to help you out by whispering the right answers. If that happens, roll with it!

Once you feel content with your mantras, start practicing them. Some people write them on small pieces of paper and tape them around the house, repeating them aloud when they pass by. Others program reminders of their mantras into their phones or add their mantras to an existing meditation practice. This is your process, and I encourage you to do it your own way! The only thing that matters is that you work with your mantras regularly until your guides tell you otherwise.

Fearlessly Moving Forward

When all else fails, you can acknowledge your fear, thank it for being a part of your path, and kindly push it to the side. It’s my sincere hope that the power of both the five-second rule and the mantra can help you recognize, once and for all, that acknowledging fear doesn’t mean you have to listen to it. Fears often can’t be prevented; for most people, they’re part of the process. But whether they block you is on you and you alone.

If things get really tough and it seems impossible to do anything else, please keep cleansing and grounding. I promise that these practices alone can hold you through the most difficult times, because they allow your Team to come in and help you.

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