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I started to write the title for this article as "The Road to Transformation and Rebirth", then I realized that it is not the road "to" but the road "of". Transformation and rebirth are not a destination but a process that we live through, every day and every moment. Just like happiness, transformation and rebirth are an inside job. They are not "out there somewhere" but inside our very being.

Our road of transformation and rebirth is constructed as we go along day by day. It is not a road that lies waiting for us to travel upon... rather it is a road that is waiting for us to create it with our hopes, dreams, and actions. 


Optimism is defined as "a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome." (

Some may call that idealistic, naïve, or Pollyannaish, but, without a positive vision of our goal, how can we ever hope to attain it. If we start out with the thought that we can't succeed, as Henry Ford stated, "whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right.” 

Optimism is one of our most important tools on the road of life. Not blind "nothing will ever go wrong" optimism, but rather the one that says, "even though things may not always take place the way I would prefer, I trust that everything will work out for the highest good".


The first thing we must do to get ahead on our path is to take action. Simply making plans, and discussing what could be, is not moving forward. Taking steps, even small ones, one at a time, is what the journey of life and of transformation is about.

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Procrastination stems from doubts, fear, or just simply not wanting to do something. And rather than admit that we are refusing to take action, for whatever reason, we avoid confrontation (with ourselves and/or others) by pretending that we are just delaying. A Chinese fortune cookie shares a bit of wisdom: "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." 

Delaying is simply wasting time and energy when we could be making progress towards our dreams. To get out of that dilemma, we need to tune in for guidance as to the best steps to take. We check our heart for clarity and then either take the action we've been resisting, if that is the path for us, or we go in another direction. By taking steps, one by one, on the path with heart, we will experience success and fulfillment.

Perception and Possibilities

As I had just finished writing these next few paragraphs, I hit save and nothing was saved -- it disappeared. My first reaction was, oh no, I lost all my work. But then, I realized that I could perceive this differently and see it as a new possibility... that perhaps my first draft was not the one that needed to be shared.

And so it is with life, we sometimes "fail" at something, or a dream doesn't come true, or someone we care for leaves our life... And we might perceive that as a loss or failure, rather than an open door to new possibilities. 

There have been times in my life when I felt like my whole world was falling apart... and later I discovered, that actually one door had closed to an existence that needed to be left behind, and a whole new world of possibilities had arrived.

As we journey on the road of life, let us remember that our perceptions will color our whole experience. If we see something as difficult, or as a failure, or as a dead end, then this is what we will experience. If instead we search for the gift in the experience and the possibilities it now makes available to us, we will get a whole new experience that will bring us joy and a growing love and appreciation for all that is.

Opening Our Mind and Heart

We must be open to discover the magic, miracles, love, abundance, beauty, and all wonderful experiences that are present all around us. If our  inner "radio station" is tuned to doom and gloom, to fear, anger, suspicion, and doubt, then this is what we will be experiencing on our wavelength. 

In order for us to discover love and miracles on our path of transformation and rebirth, we must be open to it. If our heart and mind are closed, we may not see the fork in the road that is filled with magnificent possibilities.

Let's be open expectantly for magic, miracles, synchronicities, coincidences, good timing, great connections, wonderful blessings, etc. Let's trust in the fact that love and magic surround us always. Let's open ourselves up to the gifts that the Universe has for us. Let's move through life with an open heart and open mind, and with gratitude - for the past, present, and future - in our life. 


We oftentimes have judgments about our past while, hopefully, we have visions and dreams about our future. Yet Einstein told us that past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. Consequently, the "now moment" we are experiencing includes everything else. All the choices we make are based on the intertwining of our past, present, and future. 

Everything in our life, and in our experience, is intertwined in this moment. Everything we have ever lived, everything we have ever learned, and even our dreams of the future, are all included in this present moment. Thus, there is no benefit in judging or blaming ourselves for events in our past, or bemoaning that we feel we may not attain the future we desire.

We must honor our past, knowing that it has brought us to exactly where we need to be right now. All those past occurrences and future dreams are part and parcel of our present. When we are fully present to this moment, our inner knowledge of the past and our intuitive insights into the future include all that we need to know at the moment. 


We might be so immersed and enmeshed in our routines and habits that we may not see what needs transformation. To discover what needs changing, we must look honestly at where we are, how we are, and who we are.

Are we satisfied with our life or simply going through the motions of day-to-day life? Do we feel a sense of purpose and vision, or are we just waiting for the next exciting event to temporarily stir us out of slumber.

In order to transform our life, we need to have courage, and trust in ourselves as well as in the highest good. By being willing to walk out of mediocrity and step into being 100% true to our visions and dreams, we open the door to transformation. We can then transform our thoughts, actions, and perspective to align with our true self.


Perhaps one of our greatest hindrances on the road of transformation and rebirth, is the expectation of "same-old, same old". In other words, we don't really expect things to change. We expect things to remain the same -- whether we consider those things good or bad. However, transformation and rebirth, as well as life itself, by necessity require change, and at times, major changes.

Rebirth and transformation will become our way of life when we let go of old hurts, grudges, resentments, and other old stories that we have become attached to... such as being a victim, powerless in certain circumstances, or feeling self-pity, etc. We must be open and vulnerable in order for the old to fall away and the new reality to come to fruition.

We must not only be open to change, but welcome it with open arms, even when it may not appear to be a positive change. We can choose to welcome each day with the curiosity and new eyes of a child, always expecting wondrous experiences and blessings to come our way. This is how we are reborn to a new life, a new experience, and a new reality -- one where love, joy, acceptance and harmony are the prime movers. We then are "born again", each day and each moment, to a new attitude of love for life and for all of humanity.

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