Written by Nicolya Christi and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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Indigenous elders have been sending out a specific message to the world—a warning to humanity to change the way we live and how we treat the planet or prepare for the worst. For every 2012 prophecy that spoke of transition and transformation, there was also one that talked of destruction and apocalypse. We are in the window of crisis still, and we can rise or fall. It remains imperative that we unite to support the Earth in order to avert global catastrophe.

Will we experience a new era of peace and harmony or continue to break down and destroy? Both potential outcomes are a possibility. We have a responsibility as human beings to contribute to the former if we are ever to manifest the ancient prophecies that foretell of a thousand years of peace.

As communities and as individuals we simply cannot continue in the way that we are. To believe there is nothing to be done will result in the worst-case scenario, so it is upon us now to act as empowered and compassionate forces for good and take immediate action if we are to avoid apocalyptic predictions such as those of Nostradamus.

Complacency is our greatest hurdle; we cannot afford to remain indifferent to or ignorant of what we are facing, for our attitude and actions will determine a positive or negative outcome. Prophecies that foretell of a “golden millennium” speak of a potential outcome and of raising our consciousness and initiating a positive shift within the collective vibration...

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BOOK: Love, God, and Everything

Love, God, and Everything: Awakening from the Long, Dark Night of the Collective Soul
by Nicolya Christi.

book cover of: Love, God, and Everything: Awakening from the Long, Dark Night of the Collective Soul by Nicolya Christi.Humanity is undergoing a planetary wake-up call: in order to survive the global spiritual, ecological, and cultural crises we now face, the long, dark night of the collective soul,we need to consciously evolve, heal our generational trauma, and awaken to the amazing potential we each hold for profound transformation.

In this sweeping exploration of love, consciousness, and awakening, Nicolya Christi offers a deep investigation of the Great Shift of Ages that is now occurring.

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Nicolya Christi is an author, writer, and visionary.

She lives near Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France.

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