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As human beings, our very first experience in life is separation from our biological mother, the source of life itself and this creates the context for our entire reality, which we experience as one of separation from the Source of ALL Life. It urges us as individuals to create a story for our validation for being.

The details of the story we create for ourselves and show off for others are formed by the beliefs and messages found within our family, society, religion, community, and so on because our core beliefs are the very essence of how we see ourselves, other people, the world and its future. Some elements are found within our actual DNA and drive our path in life according to what our lineage and soul-history offer as life lessons, but many beliefs are given to us in childhood and continue to develop over time, fueled by significant life experiences and our continued searching for acceptance, connection, and purpose.

The energy behind our beliefs is a powerful force when it comes to our mental processes and turns into the narratives we tell ourselves about who we are and what we can and can’t do in this life. These mental narratives can drive the empath’s daily actions in harmful and negative ways driven by false truths which become mental loop patterns run through the mind to create the story.

I’m too old to make a career change.
I’m not smart enough.
I’m just not creative.
I never have enough money.
I can never lose weight.
I’m not lovable.
We just don’t do that in our family.
I’ ll never have the things I want.
We will never be out of debt.

These false narratives of “Have to, need to, should, and can’t” are all fueled by fear-based energy we hold in our core beliefs about our safety, self-worth, and disconnection.

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The Power of Consciousness

But just as powerful as these learned and programmed beliefs are over our mental processes and behaviors, we humans have an even stronger capability we can use to change them: our consciousness. If we remember we are sentient beings of consciousness, we recognize we are incredible energetic beings whose birthright is our connection to every living thing on this planet and beyond.

Using our gift of discernment, we can develop a skilled mind and begin to identify the boundaries of truths and untruths. This starts with taking time to get quiet, to be still and go within to listen to the current story we’re living.

Who do I believe I am?
What narratives do I constantly run inside my head?
Are they true?
Where do they come from?

The Skill Set of Discernment

Confronting our deep beliefs is part of the skill set of discernment which allows us to dismantle the narrative each time we feel triggered by anger or fear:

  • What deep within me is causing this reaction?

  • Who originally taught me this way of thinking and at what age?

  • Is this thought still a sound and rational idea today?

  • Is it absolutely factual or is it programmed?

  • In the deepest part of myself, do I believe it’s true?

  • What does it mean about me if I choose to release this idea today?

  • What idea can I replace it with that will truly empower me?

As you make the time to stop, listen and determine what the message, sensations and feelings mean to you, remember to do so without attaching any ownership to them. From this place of observing without judgment, you can more easily uncover the belief, evaluate its merit and determine if you will continue to choose it for yourself.

When we move to the role of observer, we can also show more kindness and have empathy for our own self, providing the nurturing we need to release old patterns of thinking and begin telling a different story.

Breaking Free from the Story Line

Through self-love, self-worth, and connection to Source, the energy stored within the shadow of hunger is released into the human who knows simply being is enough. Instead of the shadow being squandered outward in the world to be validated by being a human doing-machine, we can recognize we humans are designed as a BEing, not a DOing. This idea and unconditional way of living is such a difficult concept for the empath but it is possible and it all begins within oneself.

Living and giving unconditionally to ourselves and others increases the love vibration, which not only makes us happy but aligns us with that connecting tissue underlying all creation, that universal oneness we yearn for that heals the story of separation. This magical adventure happens when the human spirit decides to break free from the mind, its programming, and the crazy controller storylines we create and play out with others.

I am here to honestly tell you this is not easy work, especially for one that is an empath. Going through my own personal soul work of embracing and releasing not only poverty consciousness but also the need to be right, releasing learned beliefs and programming is probably the most difficult thing I have done and it continues to be a work in progress. And this process has affected my relationships in all areas of my life. When you choose to change, your energy changes, which then affects others because we live in a collective reality.

An Ongoing Process

We are always going to be assaulted with programs, with memories, with energy that is not ours and that is one of the reasons I wrote this book: to let you know you are not alone in this and you can choose to live differently, or not. One of my steps in creating a foundation of knowledge included learning about my own human energy fields—my energy vortexes, chakras, auric fields and more.

In the beginning of my learning curve, I had no idea just how critical this information was to overcoming my struggles as an empath especially when it came to my auric boundaries. This was completely foreign to me back in my corporate days, but looking back now I intuitively knew this information in some manner was already held deep inside me. I just needed to remember what I knew—what I believe we all intuitively know somewhere within.

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Confident Empath: A Complete Guide to Multidimensional Empathing and Energetic Protection
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book cover of: Confident Empath by Suzanne WorthleyThere is no doubt we are living in a time of significant global upheaval and change. Yet psychic empath Suzanne Worthley, a highly skilled professional intuitive energy practitioner, shares how as an empath you can still live an empowered life, energetically protect yourself and your loved ones, and contribute in a meaningful way to creating a more positive, life-affirming reality on every level of dimension.

You will learn how to identify and release different types of limiting beliefs, both learned and programmed into our beings. You will also discover how to prevent unwanted energy transference and learn the fascinating skill of empathing buildings, land and the natural world, and other dimensions. Interspersed throughout the guide are extraordinary and compelling true accounts from Suzanne’s professional work that illustrate the concepts taught.

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Suzanne Worthley has been an energy healing practitioner, intuitive, and psychic empath for more than two decades. She teaches about consciousness studies and energy work and offers spiritual tours in Peru and Sedona, Arizona. The author of An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying, she has played a vital role in partnership with families and hospice teams, helping the dying have a peaceful transition and helping families and caregivers understand what is happening energetically during the death process. 

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