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Our consciousness must be trained
to dwell on the immortal part in us —
that is the only way to conquer the afflictions of this mortal life.
— Swami Paramananda

Our time in this life is fleeting. We shouldn’t waste a mo­ment on unhappiness. There’s no need to suffer endlessly.

We are put on this earth for a purpose. Many people spend much of their lives searching for this purpose, seeking exter­nal validation, unaware that the answers they seek are already available within them.

It may take time to unravel this greater purpose, and that’s okay. It’s part of our journey. Through med­itative practice, we delve deeply into our inner world by letting go, forgiving others, flipping negative thoughts into positive ones, and recognizing how our words affect ourselves and oth­ers. When we do these things, we realize a powerful energy that can shape our world. This process brings us closer to our higher power and ultimately affects what we attract to us.

I look forward to these meditative practices in my daily life, like stepping into a magical world that heightens my self-awareness. I think of it like the portal to another world in C.S. Lewis’s book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This is what meditative prac­tice can do — allow us to enter another realm within. There’s a level of excitement to this, almost childlike in its ability to transport us into another space.

Most people notice the presence of their higher power during their most difficult moments, such as the death of a loved one, illness, divorce, or the loss of a job. When something bad happens to us, we can feel like we can’t move forward, and we can doubt our abilities and strength. These are normal human reactions, but they are responses of the earthly ego. We are all imperfectly perfect as we dance between our human tendencies and higher self-awareness. But if we stay connected to our higher power, we can overcome these difficulties.

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When In Doubt, Go Within

When we are faced with self-doubt and the chaos of the outside world, we must remember to return within. If we can find a moment of stillness, we can access the unlimited en­ergy source of Spirit. This is our gateway to peace. I think of it like an hourglass. One side is the external world, and the narrow part is the stillness we must pass through to reach that other side where boundless energy exists.

There is an intuitive knowing within that provides patience and understanding that everything will be okay and that what we seek will come to us at the right time. When we practice going within, we engage that knowing.

Your Vision of Success and Purpose

Everyone’s version of success and purpose is different, yet all are equally significant. If we are looking for that purpose and not finding it, it’s likely because we are searching outside of ourselves. But the answers are not outside of us. They’re locked up in our inner vault, waiting to be discovered.

The key to unlocking this is to go within, quiet the mind, and spend time getting to know our spirit self — our higher self. When we do this, we’re building our own guidance system as we con­nect with our spiritual network on the other side, when we put aside the busy schedules and demands we impose upon ourselves.

These concepts and practices — con­necting to source energy, finding strength through meditation, and asking for protection and guidance from spiritual guides on the other side — have served me well as a psychic medium. But the access to this source energy is available to everyone and is the key to gaining greater insight into our life purpose.

Delving Into Your Life Purpose

When I first realized my gift as a psychic medium, I resisted it, unaware at the time that it was my greater life pur­pose. How could something like this be happening to me? And why would I want it to happen to me? I thought, People will think I’m crazy! But when I acknowledged what was happening in my head, cleared out the negative programming, and trusted my higher power, I made room for the energy to flow through me. I then could delve deeper into my purpose.

One night, many years ago, I was visiting a friend in the countryside. We were around a firepit and talking deeply about life, death, and spirituality. We had just finished doing what I like to call “woo-woo work,” which is any kind of ceremonial practice that one does to connect with their higher self and release the things that no longer serve them. When we practice this kind of self-care, we feel a lightness within. It uplifts us and it inspires us to connect with others in a more meaning­ful way.

It was a clear night, and something within me was overcome by the expanse of stars in the sky. In that moment, I realized the vastness of our Universe and felt an infinite feeling within me. On an intuitive level, I realized I reflected that vast­ness. I could see it within me on an atomic level. I understood that I had a place in all of it and was one with it.

When I gave myself to that thought process and belief system, I no longer felt like anything was forced. I didn’t fight it. I had enormous energy available, and I surrendered to that force. As I let peo­ple come to me and as the elements of my gift became more evident, I realized there was a greater purpose for my life. I was a messenger.

Putting Forth Your Intention

After the epiphany I had under the stars — I was in the early stages of exploring my newfound gift — other psychic mediums told me they saw my gift reaching heights that would attract people to me globally. Let me tell you, for a private person who was trying to figure out my purpose, that was frightening. But I reminded myself that fear dims our light and disconnects us from source energy, and the only way out is within.

I practiced my connection with Spirit by putting forth the intention to bring people to me who needed healing through my gift. That was precisely what happened — and quickly. Embracing this side of me led me down a path that brought me into contact with some incredible people doing selfless work for the greater good of others. This is how you know you’re on the right path in life — when you attract the right kind of people into your orbit.

My success is a testament to trusting in Spirit, surrendering, and taking time for inner work. This is what led me to where I was supposed to be.

Finding What Matters

People often seek external gratification or validation from others or attempt to fill themselves with the material world, but none of this brings everlasting fulfillment. We cannot take these things to the afterlife. Happiness is only found within us. Finding what matters is a soul exploration. This is where our two sides, the earthly ego and the spirit self, meet. That connection is what leads me where I know I am meant to go.

I continually stay connected to my higher power throughout the journey of life, and I trust that every twist I encounter along the road is part of my greater purpose. Anytime I feel over­whelmed, I meditate to recenter myself, letting go of anything that doesn’t serve me well.

Because we are in the flesh, we’re always going to be part of this dance between the human and spiritual sides of our exis­tence. It’s up to us to find the right balance to create the world we desire and to flourish.

We know there’s an imbalance be­tween these two sides if we feel stuck or at a low vibration. But when we recognize the infinite energy source within, working on our behalf for our greatest good, waiting for us to answer the call by engaging with it, that flow of energy and the excite­ment it produces burst into life. That’s when we know we have attained the balance we need to live our best life.

Reprinted with permission. ©2023 by Bill Philipps.
Adapted from the book: Soul Searching
Published by: New World Library.

Article Source: Soul Searching

Soul Searching: Tune In to Spirit and Awaken Your Inner Wisdom
by Bill Philipps

book cover: Soul Searching by Bill PhilippsReclaiming our destiny and moving forward requires finding our higher self — the innocent, virtuous, vulnerable child within us. Our spirit self is always in contact with that child, who wants us to be more imaginative, intuitive, honest, and open to receiving love, no matter what indoctrinations and toxic environments we have experienced. In Soul Searching, psychic medium Bill Philipps shows how to reconnect to that spiritual nature we had as children and why those gifts we entered this life with are important.

Using beautifully written stories and practical suggestions, Bill helps us access and build upon our innate skills of intuition, trust, forgiveness, and gratitude. 

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photo of Bill PhilippsBill Philipps is a psychic medium  and the author of Expect the UnexpectedSigns from the Other Side, and most recently Soul Searching: Tune In to Spirit and Awaken Your Inner Wisdom. His life’s mission is to help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information, and beautiful messages from Spirit, which heal and bring a sense of peace.

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