Written and Narrated by Stacee L. Reicherzer PhD.

It feels good to heal from damaging messages that you are “less than.” As this happens, you strengthen the voice that says, “You are so much better than this mess you were handed.” You become better at recognizing your boundaries and gain the ability to say “No.” You stop ignoring emotional pain and instead ask, “What’s this feeling about and what do I need to do with it?” The rules of fear begin to weaken, little by little, and you recog­nize that an oppressive world that harms, persecutes, and punishes does not take your self-worth with it.

That’s a tall order, particularly when your Otherness story is stoked by legitimate fear for the safety of yourself and people you love. The stains of hatred will not be erased simply because we’re becoming healthier and more whole. Yet, even as we mourn the dead and seek to advance peace and justice for those who are living, we must continue to work hard so despair does not win the day. Continue soaring freely, in spite of forces in life that can try us, and even break us, if we’re caught without tools for dealing with them. Whether or not these life events are directly related to our Otherness, we can continue rising in spite of their unpredictability...

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The Healing Otherness Handbook

The Healing Otherness Handbook: Overcome the Trauma of Identity-Based Bullying and Find Power in Your Difference
by Stacee L. Reicherzer PhD

book cover: The Healing Otherness Handbook: Overcome the Trauma of Identity-Based Bullying and Find Power in Your Difference by Stacee L. Reicherzer PhDWere you the victim of childhood bullying based on your identity? Do you carry those scars into adulthood in the form of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dysfunctional relationships, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts? If so, you’re not alone. Our cultural and political climate has reopened old wounds for many people who have felt “othered” at different points in their life, starting with childhood bullying. This breakthrough book will guide you as you learn to identify your deeply rooted fears, and help you heal the invisible wounds of identity-based childhood rejection, bullying, and belittling.

If you’re ready to heal from the past, find power in your difference, and live an authentic life full of confidence—this handbook will help guide you, step by step.

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photo of: Stacee Reicherzer, PhDStacee Reicherzer, PhD, is a Chicago, Illinois-based transgender counselor, educator, and public speaker for the stories of the bullied, forgotten, and oppressed. The San Antonio, TX, native serves as clinical faculty of counseling at Southern New Hampshire University, where she received the distinguished faculty award in 2018. She travels the globe to teach and engage audiences around diverse topics of otherness, self-sabotage, and imposter phenomenon. She is the author of The Healing Otherness Handbook (New Harbinger, April 2021).

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