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The Principle of Resonance says that we are compatible (resonate) with some people on some topics and not on others, while we are incompatible with other people in other ways. With some friends we have a good time while cooking; with others we like studying together.

But we often have friends and people around us whose presence “eliminates” our creative flow. These people are still part of our lives and we do not want it to stop being so, but it is important to be aware when our energies are incompatible or in dissonance.

The same applies to energetic practices and exercises. When you have good resonance with your partner, friend or spiritual guide, the process of your actions is boosted greatly. This is one of the ways in which we consciously pick a guru (although in fact, when our time comes and we are ready, the universe will pick and show us our teacher). But if you feel that your spiritual advisor, or yoga instructor, everyone likes is not resonating with you, maybe you should consider finding the one who does resonate with you. By the way, the principle of resonance is also we pick our sexual partners. 

Potential Cycles of Energies

Why do some things excite us only for a certain amount of time? Why do we have great sex with some partners only a limited number of times? Why is something interesting only for a while?

The answer is energetic potential. When you work on something you work with the energetic level of the thing that you are able to access. It becomes a part of you and you create something in the universe using its energies. When the energetic flow ends, this is a sign that the potential has been exhausted. 

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Energies and/or Vibrations

The energetic characteristic to which we refer most of the time is vibration. This is to say energetic quality, its information and purpose. Every piece of energy has characteristics, or vibrations. Our body has vibrations; when we express or experience something we receive or send energy and that energy has vibration. It is the most basic yet the broadest adjective we use when we speak of energies. We can say either energies or vibrations but we really mean the same thing.

During an average day, we pay attention to our body only when something pleasant or unpleasant happens. In other words, when energy enters the body or leaves the body. The same goes for the quality of the energy, or vibrations. We feel them only when they come or when they go.

If we meditate on eternity, we feel the eternity as long as the vibrations are undergoing the process of becoming permanent (I like to call it “installing vibrations”). As long as we concentrate on the feeling of eternity (or any other center of the meditation) the work of installing the vibrations in the body is in process.

Keeping attention on the energy allows its vibrations to be installed, but the point here is that the actual movement of the energy in or out makes it tangible for us at the moment of the movement. As in sex, we feel when the energy moves; and when a lot of energy moves we feel it stronger.

So we see that with our attention we make the work, and that we feel the vibrations only when they come or go (install or uninstall); but there is also the fact that when new energies arrive, they push the old ones out. So we will also feel the ones that leave the body. This is my point: when old energies leave the body, we feel them as they are, as the vibrational information they carry, normally unpleasant information.

For example, in the meditation on eternity, we will feel eternity and enjoy the process, but the more we install the eternity vibrations, the more the opposite vibrations are going out. And all of these, including fears and samskaras, we experience in the same way as when they came in.

You can feel that the process of installing new vibrations is successful, because you feel good and you take this good feeling as a sign that the process is going well. But then many imbalanced and unpleasant feelings come to our attention, rising from the bottom (subconsciousness is in the belly, consciousness in the head) and you feel like you have done something wrong and try to deepen the meditation, to catch the feeling; but it does not feel like it did before.

The Law of Rhythm: The Pendulum Effect

We know that it is the pendulum that goes back and forth and now you see one of the reasons for the existence of this law (the law of rhythm). While “going back” we give our old vibrations time to leave us, and we feel them while they leave. When we experience illness symptoms, the energy of the illness is on the way out; when the body is taking measures to fight the illness and the illness (energies) leave the body, we experience this as symptoms.

When we are experiencing the old vibrations leaving, there is no need to panic or to think that you have slid back or are doing something wrong: keep going. One day imbalanced and unpleasant feelings will disappear like they never existed, and you will feel clean, different (in a good way), and that is the sign that the installation of the energies and uninstallation of the old ones has been successfully accomplished. The new feeling will become part of you. This means that you are not going to feel eternity all the time; precisely because it is part of you, you will feel it only when it comes or goes.

Get used to it! This feeling of the energies coming and going is natural and necessary. Be patient, don’t fight it, don’t try to hold whatever is leaving you.

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