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Crystal energy is very much about opening and awakening the right brain’s potential for imagination, creativity, playfulness, joy, and a childlike innocence and spirit: this is where magic awakens! Like the Magician in the Tarot, you are now playing with tools to create magical intention.

When we are young, the world is a magical place where we think butterflies and dragonflies are fairies, and crystals and rocks are treasures from the fairies. Return to the innocent, playful state of the child and believe in a magical world where crystals are talking friends with magical powers.

Wearing Gemstones as Jewelry

An intuitive and easy way to work with crystals and gems is wearing them as jewelry on the body. It is no coincidence that royalty and the priesthood have historically adorned themselves with gems through their necklaces, rings, and crowns.

King Solomon wore a legendary signet ring reputed to control demonic energies, which he directed to help build the first temple in Jerusalem. Solomon’s ring was mentioned by Josephus in the first century CE, who reported that others had imitated the ring and were able to heal and cast out demons using an engraving of Solomon’s seal in a ring. To this day, agate rings engraved with the Seal of Solomon are worn for magic and protection.

Nicholas Roerich believed the stone in King Solomon’s ring was a chintamani. [The Chintamani Stone is a wish -fulfilling jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, said by some to be the equivalent of the philosopher's stone in Western alchemy.] Solomon’s magic ring undoubtedly contributed to the popularity of wearing magic rings, but gemstone rings have practical applications as well.

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Aligning the Energy of the Hands with Gems

The hands are creative channels and extensions of the brain, so wearing gemstones and precious metals on the fingers aligns them with energies in the hands that are directed consciously by our thoughts and intentions. Wearing gemstones on the fingers is an empowering link to support our creative thoughts.

While gems are considered objects of wealth and power, many are not often consciously connected to the energetic vibrations of the crystals they are wearing. Gems have an unconscious effect on the wearer, but the energy that gems radiate can be directed by the wearer toward specific intentions or powers.

Jyotish practices provide a model of rituals that unite wearing a gem with conscious intention. Some of the Jyotish gemology practices can be adapted to the Western approach to astrology as well. Birthstones are connected to the astrological signs while gemstones in the Jyotish system of astrology are associated with ruling planets. The fingers on the hands are also aligned energetically with each of the planets (see table below).

By wearing gemstones on the right hand, associated with solar energy, one is empowering the male or exterior energies such as leadership, vigor, success, and confidence. Wearing gemstones on the lunar left hand increases feminine internalized qualities such as intuition, relationships, healing, and creativity. For balance, Harish Johari recommends wearing solar gems (associated with sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu) on the left lunar hand and lunar gems (associated with moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) on the right solar hand.

Each finger is aligned with a planet and corresponds with the energies of that planet. So the forefinger is the teaching finger and is aligned with the guru planet, Jupiter. The middle finger has to do with karmic responsibility and is aligned with Saturn and the lunar nodes. The ring finger is associated with the energies of the sun, Venus, and Mars. Mercury and the moon are aligned with the small finger. There are other systems supporting different practices, so to best align with your intention easily, work with a system with which you are already familiar.

Wearing Gemstones: Jyotish Astrology




First Finger or Forefinger  


Yellow Sapphire

Middle Finger


Blue Sapphire


North Node 

Hessonite Garnet


South Node 

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl 

Ring Finger









Little Finger












Wearing Gemstones with Conscious Positive Intention 

The Jyotish system offers a model to aid in the alignment of body, gemstone, and astrology. It is most important to wear gemstones with conscious, positive intention. When buying a ring for intentional purposes, mentally and spiritually dedicate the ring to a specific purpose and perhaps engrave the ring with a symbol, mantra, or power word.

Jyotish astrologers have complex rituals aligned with ring dedication. Use rituals that are meaningful and memorable, support alignment to higher intentions, and connect the energy of the gem to the wearer. Wearing the ring connects mind, body, and energy. When you see the ring on your hand, you remember the purpose of the ring. The color, light, and energy of the gemstone magnifies the intention that is sent into the light of the eye and activates parts of your right brain that are programmed to manifest the intention.

The ring is more than a magic talisman. It is an alchemical marriage bond to remember and act on a vow to yourself—your intention.

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The Chintamani Crystal Matrix: Quantum Intention and the Wish-Fulfilling Gem
by Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara.

book cover of: The Chintamani Crystal Matrix by Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara.The authors detail specific gems and crystal spiritual technology that can affect material reality and trigger profound spiritual growth. They provide a number of simple practices with crystal grids and meditation to help you access the chintamani matrix and become aware of the interconnected jewel net of consciousness.

Johndennis  and Hapi examine the science of intention, which provides a basis for connecting to gemstones and crystals, and share advanced meditations to realize and activate your innermost heart’s desires.

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photo of Johndennis Govert (right) and Hapi Hara (left)About the Authors

Johndennis Govertis a Zen Roshi and Tibetan Buddhist Lama, feng shui master, astrologer, shodo calligrapher, and qi gong healer. He is the author of Feng Shui: Art and Harmony of Place and REALty Feng Shui.

Hapi Hara, MA, is a crystal energy expert, crystal astrologer, Reiki practitioner, and earth energy grid researcher. In addition to crystal and energy consultations, she offers guided tours to vortex and earth energy spots.

For more about the authors, visit ChintamaniMatrix.com