The year of the Metal Dragon began Feb. 5, 2000.

Many predicted calamitous and catastrophic possibilities for the year 2000, centered on the Y2K bug. For the Chinese, it is not a bug, but a larger and more grandiose animal figure that occupies the prominent position of this new year, the year of the Dragon. 

In Chinese astrology, the years are named for animals and each animal sign recurs every 12 years. There are five different elements in the Chinese cosmology, such that, as the animal signs recur every 12 years, they have a different element associated with the sign. The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. 

This year, the year 2000, begins in the first week of February for the Chinese, and is associated with the Metal Dragon. The element metal has its own characteristics. Individuals born in the years of the Metal element are success oriented. Metal types are strong willed, impulsive, and will tend to try to impose their will and way of doing things on others. They can be quite stubborn at times.

Metal makes this Dragon possibly the most strong-willed and intense of the Dragons. While the Metal Dragon is honest, bright, open, and expressive, it is also critical and unyielding. This Dragon is very combative, and will leap to action at a moment's notice. The unyielding element of Metal combined with the natural lunar sign of the Dragon, Wood, can allow this Dragon to simply intimidate weaker people to submit to their will. The Metal Dragon believes firmly in his or her convictions, and will never give up, being unable to believe that something they are fighting for is futile. This Dragon can be very egotistical and tends to be rather undiplomatic.


The Year of the Dragon is often said to be the luckiest year to be born in. It is said that the Year of the Dragon is good for business and all money-making schemes. For those trying to understand this, in Chinese culture, unlike in the West, where dragons were often seen as monsters with evil intent, the Chinese dragon is seen as the royalty among animals. 

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The dragon is a mysterious and powerful creature and indeed, the Chinese rulers associated themselves with the dragon, not only tracing their lineage back to dragon kings, but also emblazoning the image of the dragon on all things Imperial (Note: The imperial dragon has five toes, whereas the more mundane versions, only four). 

The dragon is said to leave prosperity and good luck in its wake, and this is the reason the Dragon leads the street processions during Chinese New Year. The Dragon brings the Four Benedictions of the East -- wealth, virtue, harmony, and long life.

Dragons traditionally are leaders, and do not take kindly to being told what to do, nor in taking the back seat to anyone or anything. Dragons are naturally showy, and often are prone to excess. They are flexible, bright, talkative, but often, their tongue gets away from them and they talk before thinking things out. They are also hot tempered, and this combination can get them into hot water.


We have already talked about the Dragon being traditionally associated with wealth, splendor, and royalty. The coming new year has some real potential for people making lots of money. The tech stocks will probably go through some turmoil through the first two to three months. 

Dragons are volatile creatures by their very nature, and the general tenor of the stock market will be such that there will be great highs and great lows. The wise investor that can skillfully ride the undulating back of the Metal Dragon can make his or fortune (or lose a fortune if they are not so skillful) more easily and quickly during the Year of the Metal Dragon than in most years. 

Dragons are very theatrical by their very nature and I predict a lot of passion in this year. There will be more scandals and intrigues than normal which involve actors, actresses, and politicians.


Years of the Dragon are years of upheaval. I believe we will see a major upheaval in the world theatre of politics around March 2000. As we have said, the hotheaded Dragon spirit often speaks out of anger and may generate a lot of turmoil through his actions. 

One thing we can be certain of, the Year of the Metal Dragon will not be a ho-hum, sleepy, and tranquil period. There will be financial growth, but also disastrous happenings, which will largely be unpredicted and surprise almost everyone. 

The character of the year will be such that we will see a great deal of blustery behavior from political leaders and they will be painting themselves into positions that it will be difficult to extricate themselves from.


Change will also be a companion to those riding the coils of the Metal Dragon. To change with change is the only constant they say, and certainly, those are words to live by in this year.

This year will be a great one for anyone born in the Year of the Dragon (such as your humble author, who really NEEDS a good year ), but overall, it can be a most propitious and financially rewarding one for anyone who uses their intuition and avoids putting all their eggs in one basket.

Best wishes to everyone in the coming Millennium!

Perhaps this poem about the Dragon catches its essence:

I am an unquenchable fire,
The center of all energy,
The stout heroic heart.
I am truth and light,
I hold power and glory in my sway.
My presence
Disperses dark clouds.
I have been chosen
To tame the Fates.

The time of the Dragon is from 7:00 a.m. to 8:59 a.m.; their direction of orientation is east-southeast. The Dragon's color is aquamarine. 

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