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I'm not sure who needs to hear this today, but I've been thinking a lot about the *real* journey of loving ourselves.

Truth be told, the path of Self Love is not for the faint of heart. There's no destination or end to it. You never arrive at a place where love is ever present and all doubts, insecurities and shame have washed away completely.

Bummer, I know.

After all these years working to love the crap out of myself, I still battle with doubt and insecurity. Of course I do.

It Gets Easier

The only thing I truly know is that it adds up, day after day, year after year. It gets easier. It really does.

I spend more time feeling comfortable in my skin than ever before. I spend less time plagued by shame and comparisons. Hooray!

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What I've gleaned, over decades of working to love more on any given day, is that whatever life throws at me, the kinder and more loving I can be on the inside, the better I can get through it. The more I can thrive.

It's An Ongoing Process

The process of self love is active and changing. It asks us to be consistent and diligent at looking at the stories we've been told, peeling back the layers and heaping on generous amounts of compassion.

It also requires a degree of surrender. Accepting who we are as imperfectly perfect and unique, one of a kind throughout all time, is a form of deep healing. Allowing who we are to simply BE enough. To be worthy, right here, right now, without changing a thing... this is revolutionary.

Day after day, we bring love to the hidden places.

Day after day, we choose to see beauty in the mirror.

Day after day, we add more kindness and less harm to our precious hearts.

These are the victories. These are the things that add up and make a difference. This is how we stand for love on the inside so we can be more loving on the outside.

Reminders and Rewards: You Are Worthy!

This is why I've been writing a love note every day for 20 years! Not because I made it to a place of ever present love, but because I need the reminders just as much as anyone.

Wherever you are on your path today, from feeling shame to shining bright, just know that I'm right there with you. I'm cheering you on and celebrating with you every step of the way!

The journey is long, but it is so rewarding. And the truth is YOU are worthy of love simply because you exist.

Here's to more love, every single day. 

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