Chanting for Personal and Planetary Benefits
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Chanting is one of the easiest ways to turn within. When you are truly chanting you forget about yourself, and in that self-forgetfulness you begin to experience Ecstasy, Joy, Peace, Love and Compassion. For those few moments you suddenly realize the subtle, transcendental vibration and you experience something beautiful in the Cosmos, something beautiful in yourself and in those around you.

Chanting Is Not Singing

To understand what chanting is, it is important firstly to understand how it differs from musical singing. When you chant you are using your vocal cords to generate internal energies. You may be relieved to know that the quality of your voice does not matter; it is your intention that matters.

When a chant is repeated the sound builds up first in the physical dimension, then in the etheric-physical dimension and then in the astral dimension. The longer you chant, the deeper the sound penetrates inwardly, moving deeper and deeper into the inner regions of space until it reaches the Causal World, the origin of Sound. When you reach the Causal Sound you create an upward funnel for the downpour of Grace, a tremendous downpour of power and energy that spreads through those chanting and out into the world. Just one chant can transform and awaken you spiritually. It can become an awesome power that can shape the whole environment.

Chanting Mantras

When you chant mantras you are talking directly to God. A mantra is a unique, magically formulated sound-structure that vibrates on the ether and travels as vibration through the inner dimensions. Hence, you have to tune into that sound-structure when you are chanting. In normal singing you sing some words while you are already thinking of the next words, and only your outer being is involved. In mantra chanting, however, you need to concentrate totally on the sound that your whole inner being is making. You can only appreciate this if you are one hundred percent focused on the chant, that is, you are totally listening to the sound and understanding its meaning. That is the best possible way to chant because your mind is involved in the meaning and your whole psychic-emotional mechanism is involved in the sound.

Another unique aspect of chanting is the use of sacred languages such as Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek or Latin, each of which contains a certain energy-vibration. Two specially structured languages are the ancient Hebrew language in the West and the ancient Sanskrit in the East. The Divine Mind implanted the power of the Spirit into the sounds and syllables of those languages so that each syllable vibrates to a profound stream of Cosmic Intelligence. The primordial Hebrew language has the power of God as Cosmic Fire, whereas the Sanskrit language embodies God as Light. The living Fire and the living Light constitute the Cosmic Intelligence or the Divine Mind.

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Invoking Spirit Through Chanting

When we consciously chant in the sacred languages — especially Hebrew and Sanskrit, the two most sacred languages — we are invoking the Shekinah, the Spirit, which is right here within us, since God manifests in Creation, not on some far-off transcendental plane. Thereby we are changing the atomic structure of our bodies to vibrate on a much higher level.

If a scientific gadget could be invented to measure the vibration of your body before and after chanting, the scientists would discover that your body’s atomic structure would have completely changed and the vibrational frequency of the atoms would have increased. In other words, even on the level of the physical body we are changing Creation around us. So, as you can see, the technique and purpose of chanting are very different from those of ordinary singing.

Chanting with Devotion Opens Your Heart

When you chant properly it opens your Heart. Hence, to chant properly you must have Devotion. You cannot do intellectual chanting — in fact, there is no such thing! When chanting, you have to settle down into your Heart and truly worship God. Through the chant you are linking into that massive Universal Energy-Field which is the Creative Power of the Deity.

As with meditation, it is very important to chant with absolute simplicity, without asking or demanding anything. If you can let your ego go, let your mind go, and pour out Love through your Heart towards the Deity, you can have instantaneous God-Realization, even with one chant. And then you know that God exists. You don’t have to rely on other people’s beliefs or experiences; you know yourself.

Physical, Emotional & Esoteric Results of Chanting

You know that when you chant, certain things happen within you — your whole body may start tingling, your emotional nature may begin to expand and become lighter and more joyous — and you notice there is an after-effect that might last for hours or days, depending on the power of your chanting. If you have been regularly chanting and meditating for a number of years there will come a day when the after-effect is permanent and you are always in an exalted state of Bliss (Ananda).

Jesus said, “If two or three are gathered together in my name, I am amongst them” (Matthew 18: 20). Group chanting is important because working within a group leads to faster progress for the individual members while also benefiting the entire world because the waves of energy released by the group literally flood the whole planet.

When you are chanting you are doing more than just making yourself feel happy, blissful and loving; you are more importantly doing a divine service. Through the Divine Science of Sound we help the planet bring down the Spirit from above, thereby manifesting Divinity. This is the esoteric understanding of chanting. It is an amazing magic, an amazing science and an amazing benefit for Humanity.

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Planetary Transformation: A Personal Guide To Embracing Planetary Change
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book cover: Planetary Transformation: A Personal Guide To Embracing Planetary Change by Imre Vallyon.The coming years provide a tremendous opportunity for all of Mankind to awaken into higher awareness and for our physical planet to undergo an amazing transformation. To understand what that implies, we first have to understand the process of this fundamental transformation and what we can do about it. In Part One of Planetary Transformation, the author outlines the spiritual roots of the physical upheavals that are manifesting on Earth, providing deeper understanding for the true spiritual seeker. In Part Two readers are given practical meditation techniques that will raise their consciousness and help them deal with the coming changes.

In the turbulent days to come, people will have a choice: Be one of those who are buffeted by events they do not understand. Or be one of those who know what is happening and who will work with the incoming energy of change to help turn planet Earth into an unimaginable world of Harmony, Love, Peace and Unity.

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