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We live in a society where our attention is solicited to an extent never experienced before in human history. There are few public places where our attention is not constantly challenged by all kinds of messages, whether they are advertising (generally) but also of another nature.

All these solicitations are accompanied by various sounds, whether musical, verbal, various noises, what have you. For a young person, that would be well over four hours of viewing and listening to his/her cell phone per day, for adults even more (with television).

Consciously Cultivating Silence

However, all those who consciously cultivate silence know that regeneration happens at a very deep level through such a practice. An hour of deep silence is a natural therapy that is perhaps more effective than hours in a “shrink’s” office. And the only way to prove it is to try.

“But that’s just not possible for me,” some people will say, especially single mothers who work and raise children at the same time – silence is not usually their favorite pastime! I recognize that for this category of people, it is a heroic thing to do. But for the others, who constitute the vast majority, it is certainly possible.

The author of these lines used to get up at four o’clock in the morning to meditate (which led to the loss of his job, because his boss, a fierce atheist, felt that he no longer wanted to employ such an unbalanced person.) But since “all things work together for the good of those who love life,” according to an ancient sage, the long period of unemployment without benefits that followed led him to create the Vivre Autrement workshops, which have benefited thousands of people in several countries for more than thirty years.

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How To Practice Silence

For a person who would like to practice silence, what to do?  Start with a short period  – 20 or 30 minutes – at the same time each day (when you wake up, after washing up in the morning is an excellent time,) or in the evening before going to sleep (if you don’t doze off!)

Set an alarm so that you don’t keep looking at your watch or alarm clock. If a lot of thoughts intrude immediately, which will often be the case, repeat a short affirmation (some call it a mantra) that really speaks to you, e.g. “I am deep peace” or “deep peace resides in me,” or “I am only love” etc. The little ego will immediately start to grumble, even scream, like “You say you are love and you don’t even get along with your sister-in-law.” (This is the ego’s favorite role, and you are totally ignoring it).

It is important to sit in an upright but comfortable position, in as quiet a place as possible. (With practice you can even do this on the train or bus – but not while driving your car!) And over time it will become such a magical moment that you won’t want to do without it.

A Blessing for Silence

The great Sufi poet Rumi once made this remarkable statement: “Silence is the language of God. All else is poor translation.” I believe the highest form of prayer is listening to God who, being omniscient, already knows of any meaningful request we could make and which She has already granted us in advance, before the request was even made.

May I enter the deep silence of Your Presence and just sit in quiet adoration, listening to You.

May I so quiet my mind that the roar of passing thoughts be stilled.

May I appease my heart so that the noise of desires and wishes calms down until it resembles the peaceful lake down yonder, where Love’s smile is reflected on its serene, unruffled surface.

May I put all my plans aside, knowing Yours are so much better – if only I allow myself to hear them.

May I create such a receptive space that I am ready to welcome suggestions or requests from You that totally brush aside and dissolve any views of what I thought possible or impossible, knowing that miracles are Your normal way of addressing Your children.

May I so still my emotions and even hopes that I may hear in the deepest recess of my soul and feel the truth of Your most amazing statement of all times, of any belief system, “My child, you are ever with me and ALL that I have is yours.” (Luke 15:31)

And in the stunned silence of my listening soul, may I hear Your last comment: “And that is how much I love you all.”

A Blessing on the Wise Use of Time

Hurrying, rushing has become a way of life for so many, despite the fact that it is very bad for our health and happiness! A university-educated woman holding a professional position in an environmental organization told her mother, a very dear friend of mine, “Mum, I just don’t have the time to live!” How many in our societies could echo that statement.

So here is a blessing on slowing down. I suggest you put it in the first person.


May you take time for worship and reflection.

May you take time for friends – they are a source of happiness.

May you take time to think, it helps make the right choices.

May you take time to laugh and sing – it makes life’s loads 

May you take time to dream and hitch your soul to the stars.

May you take time to play, it is the secret of youth.

May you take time to read, it is the foundation of wisdom.

May you take time to smile at a stranger, he or she IS YOU.

May you take time to love, unconditionally – it is who you 

May you make a little time for silence – it refreshes and regenerates your soul.

And may you take time to be grateful and to count your blessings!

(The Blessing on the Wise Use of Time was adapted from an anonymous poem in the book The Treasure Chest)

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