Iraq War Hustlers

There were no parades, no celebrations, and few paid much attention as the Iraq War came to an end. One thing clear to most is that the Americans and the Brits were hustled off to war. Many of those folks doing the hustling are still around, so keeping an eye on them is a must for those wishing not to repeat that unfortunate experience, say with Iran.

One thing for sure, one can positively say is we left the proverbial pottery shop broken and didn't want to pay the money to own it. And, unlike the Viet Nam War, the public didn't force an end. The Iraq war just ended....for lack of interest.

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Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq


Mother Jones

Mushroom clouds, duct tape, Judy Miller, Curveball. Recalling how Americans were sold a bogus case for invasion.

At A congressional hearing examining the march to war in Iraq, Republican congressman Walter Jones posed "a very simple question" about the administration's manipulation of intelligence: "How could the professionals see what was happening and nobody speak out?"

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell's former chief of staff, responded with an equally simple answer: "The vice president."

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