InnerSelf Welcomes Article Submissions

We invite submissions from published authors, as well as non-published authors. We, of course, retain the right to accept or refuse a submission, and we also retain the right to edit submissions for grammar, spelling, length, or content. In other words, your article may be shorter than when you submitted it, and our editor may make some grammatical changes or edit the article to make it "flow better".

Keep in mind that InnerSelf editor, Marie T. Russell, has been editing for over 20 years and has been commended by many authors for her editing skills. (You do have the right to request that your article be withdrawn from the site if you don't like the editing.)

Types of Articles We Will Accept

Informative, inspiring, educational, uplifting, eye-openers, supportive, consciousness-raising, etc. We will not accept articles that are fanatical in nature, or denigrating a group or belief system. InnerSelf articles are intended to contribute to the betterment of mankind (in this case, our readers), not to put them down or make them feel guilty for not belonging to a particular belief system, or for not being a certain personality type, size and weight, color, or religion.

We do not publish interviews and/or articles that are blatently self-promotional. The aim of the article must be to benefit the reader, not the author (though of course authors benefit from having their material published and website and/or book promoted).

That being said, if the article you want to submit fits those guidelines, then you must first be a registered user to start the process. The email address you submit when you register will not be made public. This is just for InnerSelf administrators to use if they need to contact you.

What You Will Need to Submit an Article

If you want to submit an article, you will need to submit a photo and biography to go along with the article. Also if you are a published author we will want the name and ISBN number of the book you'd like featured with the article. This book must be available for purchase on

If you are not a published author, then we will ask you to recommend a book to be featured along with your article. We will need title, author name, and ISBN number, and this book must be available for purchase on (not out of print).

How To Submit An Article

First you must register on the site (click on login tab and register if you have not already done so) and then send us an email (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) requesting that we set you up as an author.

In this email, please send us:

  1. Your name and who you are (short biography).
  2. The subject matter of the article you'd like to submit - not the whole article - just a line or two giving us the topic of the article.
  3. Your email address (for our use only, not for public use).
  4. The name you have used for your login (we will be updating its status from "member" to "author")

Once you are approved as an "InnerSelf author", and your account upgraded to author, you will be able to log in and submit your article.

Thank you for your interest in