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InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration

March 8-9-10, 2024

The focus for today (and the weekend) is:

Altruism and service help me transcend self-centeredness
and strengthen my connection to others.

Today's inspiration was written by Steve Taylor:

All paths of connection place a strong emphasis on altruism. They all include altruism as a practice which can enhance our spiritual development.

Altruism and service help us transcend self-centeredness and strengthen the connection to other human beings, and the world in general. Adepts are encouraged to live in service, practising virtues such as kindness, forgiveness and mercy.

This is a strong element of the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus, and this is also true of the Sufi and Jewish paths of connection.

Today's inspiration was adapted from the article:
     Paths of Connection and the End of Suffering
     Written by Steve Taylor.
Read the complete article here.

This is Marie T. Russell, co-publisher of, wishing you a day of service and connection to others (today and every day)

Comment from Marie:
The saying "do onto others as you would like them to do onto you" is a generic statement. It doesn't mean if I like potatoes, I will give you potatoes. It's more that I choose to be generous with my time, attention, and caring. We give each other kindness and assist each other when we can. Isn't that how we would like others to treat us?

Our focus for today (and the weekend): Altruism and service help me transcend self-centeredness and strengthen my connection to others.

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DisConnected: The Roots of Human Cruelty and How Connection Can Heal the World
by Steve Taylor PhD

book cover of: DisConnected by Steve Taylor PhDDisConnected offers a new vision of human nature and a new understanding of human behaviour and social problems. Connection is the most essential human trait - it determines our behaviour and our level of well-being. Cruelty is the result of a sense of disconnection, while “goodness” stems from connection.

Disconnected societies are patriarchal, hierarchical and warlike. Connected societies are egalitarian, democratic and peaceful. We can measure both social progress and personal development in terms of how far we move along a continuum of connection. Altruism and spirituality are experiences of our fundamental connection. Regaining awareness of our connection is the only way by which we can live in harmony with ourselves, one another, and the world itself.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here.  Also available as a Kindle edition.

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photo of Steve Taylor PhDSteve Taylor PhD is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University. He is the author of many best-selling books on spirituality and psychology. For the past ten years, Steve has been included in Mind, Body Spirit magazine's list of the world's 100 most spiritually influential people. Eckhart Tolle has referred to his work as ‘an important contribution to the global shift in awakening.' He lives in Manchester, UK.