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The field of personal growth has gone through several name changes through the years. At one point, we were speaking of the self-help movement, then self-improvement, personal development, personal growth, and more recently, personal empowerment. The term or name is irrelevant, as is the debate on who and where it started.

What is important is the common point between all of these descriptive terms. In any of these movements or practices, it is up to the individual to help themselves, to grow, and to become empowered. In all of these actions, it up to us to choose to do something and to take action. While we can - and do - receive guidance and assistance from others, the change, the transformation, only happens from within our own self.

The Universe supports us in our empowerment by sending challenges and experiences to provide opportunities to claim our power, and the people in our lives do the same. But without us adding the essential ingredient, our own self, nothing changes. We are the ones who have the power to make the changes within our own self, and to break free from the shackles that have been holding us back... whether those shackles are fear, self-loathing, self-doubt, low self-esteem, an abusive past, an abusive present, etc. etc.

This week, we look at various forms of power, and ways to attain it or reclaim it. We start with reclaiming the power we have given away to fear. Lawrence Doochin, author of A Book on Fear, writes: " Giving Away Your Power? Going From Fear to Empowerment".

Other than fear of things that are external, internal predispositions and memories can also detain us from becoming empowered. Lisa Tahir assists us in her article: "Awakening to the Power of Healing Our Core Wounds". 

We can be encouraged and strengthened by the fact that we are not powerless in this healing journey. Not only do we receive external assistance, but we have innate gifts that can guide us in the right direction. Nancy Yearout shares information on "Using Our Intuitive Gifts in The Age of Aquarius". 

An important step in empowerment is identifying the forces and tendencies that would keep us disempowered. There are those who benefit from our being powerless, and sometimes we ourselves can be our worst enemy. The following two articles identify some of the culprits that drain or diminish our power, mostly without our consent, and sometimes without our knowledge. 

In "Know Thy Enemy: Evolving Beyond the Status Quo". Gwilda Wiyaka reveals and discusses imbalances and existing programming, and she describes the different levels of power (or lack of power).

Vir McCoy, author of Liberating Yourself from Lyme, shares knowledge about parasites... but not just the kinds that are tiny bugs or creatures in our body, but also the two-legged variety that surround us... And he shares that sometimes, we ourselves may act like parasites.

These two articles bring to the forefront information that is not pretty or "light", but, if we wish to become empowered to create a more loving world, we need to face the darkness, both within and without, so that we can discover and shine our light in the midst of it.

All of the above articles have an audio and video version to make the information more easily accessible. You can now listen to our featured articles individually, as well as the complete newsletter with the intro and featured articles, while doing something else, like driving to work, or going for a walk, or even just laying back with your eyes closed.

Please scroll down for the featured articles in this new issue of InnerSelf, and also the recap of all the articles that were added to the website during the week.

Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, health-full, and loving week.

Marie T. Russell
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"

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 Giving Away Your Power? Going From Fear to Empowerment

Written by Lawrence Doochin

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silhouette of a boy holding an adult's hand, with a background of colorful handprints on the wall
When power is misused, there is an imbalance in the relationship between those who have the power and misuse it and those on whom the power is being enforced. The former are operating from fear, while the latter are also in fear because they believe...

Awakening to the Power of Healing Our Core Wounds

Written by Lisa Tahir

boy covering up his face as if afraid of the tall city landscape behind him
It is our human condition to experience wounding on the earthly plane of existence. It is our celestial condition to embody healing during our earthly tenure of existence.

Using Our Intuitive Gifts in The Age of Aquarius

Written by Nancy E. Yearout

girl walking on a country road toward a bright light in the distance
There is so much to know as we all begin to wake up and realize our gifts. Now that the age of Aquarius has arrived, many of us will begin to be more aware and tuned into our own intuition and special gifts. As we open our eyes, we will begin to see things in a different light.

Know Thy Enemy: Evolving Beyond the Status Quo

Written by Gwilda Wiyaka

man in shadows holding out a red pill in one hand and a blue pill in the other
Though our current society served us in the past, it is unable to stand in the increasing velocity of the evolving age. Like a bi-plane trying to break the sound barrier, it is losing integrity, starting to shake apart, and its ugly underbelly is being exposed.

Transformation: Taking Back our Power from People and Parasites

Written by Vir McCoy and Kara Zahl

Transformation: Taking Back our Power from People and Parasites
I believe that both Lyme disease and parasites are teaching us to love ourselves, claim our power, toughen up, and strengthen our boundaries on all levels. After one has worked with clearing on an energetic level, then we can proceed to the physical treatment... 

How Uncertainty About Medical Care And Costs Can Worsen Health Outcomes
How Uncertainty About Medical Care and Costs Can Worsen Health Outcomes
by Matt Shipman

"What effect does this combination of financial and health uncertainty have on people? And how do they deal with it?…

How Many People Get Long Covid And Who Is Most At Risk?
How Many People Get Long Covid? And Who Is Most At Risk?
by Stephanie LaVergne

Tens of millions of Americans have been infected with and survived COVID-19. Thankfully, many survivors get back to…

What Would 4°c Of Global Warming Feel Like?
What Would 4°C of Global Warming Feel Like?
by Robert Wilby

Another year, another climate record broken. Globally, 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year ever recorded. This was…

Does Preparing Your Own Food Or Watching It Being Made Lead To Overeating?
Does Preparing Your Own Food Or Watching It Being Made Lead To Overeating?
by Jane Ogden

We measured participants’ desire to eat (hunger, fullness, motivation to eat) using brief questionnaires before and…

Why People Are Really Missing Visits To The Pub
Why People Are Really Missing Visits To The Pub
by Thomas Thurnell-Read

The events of the past year have had a devastating impact on the hospitality sector in the UK. At the forefront of…

Cats Don't Avoid Strangers Who Behave Badly Towards Their Owners Like Dogs Do
Cats Don't Avoid Strangers Who Behave Badly Towards Their Owners Like Dogs Do
by Ali Boyle

There’s an old stereotype about the difference between cats and dogs. Dogs are loving and fiercely loyal, they say…

Why We Mostly Make An Effort If Rewards And Performance Align
Why We Mostly Make An Effort If Rewards And Performance Align
by Corrie Pikul

We invest mental effort in a task in response to what we stand to gain, and in response to how much the outcome hinges…

How Mindfulness Benefits Hinge On Who’s Around
How Mindfulness Benefits Hinge On Who’s Around
by Corrie Pikul

"Our findings dispel the myth that mindfulness-based intervention outcomes are exclusively the result of mindfulness…

Woman Who Invented Method To Turn Plastic Into Construction Bricks
by Walter Einenkel , Daily Kos Staff

Nzambi Matee of Kenya is one of the 2020 “Young Champions of the Earth” winners selected by the United Nations…

3 Technologies Poised To Change Food And The Planet
3 Technologies Poised To Change Food And The Planet
by Lenore Newman and Evan Fraser

Agriculture’s impact on the planet is massive and relentless. Roughly 40 per cent of the Earth’s surface is used for…

Fruits and vegetables on a dinner plate that looks like a bathroom scale.
Dieting May Slow Metabolism But It Doesn't Ruin It
by Adam Collins and Aoife Egan

While there are many reasons why this weight regain may happen, some popular claims online are that it’s because…

health mask with a smiley face drawn on it with tongue hanging out
If Your Family's Pandemic Routine Needs A Reset try A Little Playfulness
by Heather McLaughlin and Bonnie Harnden

We invite you to think of how to tend to your own connection needs while also thinking about those in your community.…

a face made up of bits and pieces of data
How AI Can Now Learn To Manipulate Human Behaviour
by Jon Whittle

Artificial intelligence (AI) is learning more about how to work with (and on) humans. A recent study has shown how AI…

two transparencies of head with a portion of the brain lit up in red in one and in green in the other with lines connecting the two brains
Mind-Reading: Our New Test Reveals How Well We Understand Others
by Rachel Clutterbuck et al

Mind-reading sounds like science fiction. But the term, also referred to as “mentalising”, is a psychological concept…

People take part in a mass meditation on the lawn of Parliament Hill in Ottawa in 2017.
How To Be A Mindful Anti-Racist and Engage Responsively With Your World
by Kilpatrick Karen Ragoonaden

These times of uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelming information, mean that many of us are seeking to find a sense of…

man drinking clear liquid from a cup
How Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Give You A More Effective Defence Against Disease
by Margaret Rayman and Philip C Calder

Older people have weaker immune responses and are known to respond less well than younger adults to many vaccines…

hands holding heart-shaped rose-colored glasses
What Shapes How We See The Good, The Bad and The Ugly In Romantic Partners?
by Jesse Lee Wilde and David J. A. Dozois

Given that stable and satisfying relationships are critical for both mental and physical health, it is necessary to…

man standing in a semi-squatting position indoors
Here's What Most Are Missing About Their Exercise Practices
by Scott Lear

Health and fitness benefits from exercise begin from the very first step of movement. These benefits continue to…

man in shadows at a computer with his head covered as if hiding
How and Why State-Backed Manipulation Is Rampant On Social Media
by Hannah Bailey

The issue of disinformation and manipulation on social media goes far beyond one man’s Twitter account.


Astrological Journal for the Week

Written by Pam Younghans

full moon over the mountains and forest of Vermont

Pam YounghansThis weekly column (updated every Sunday afternoon) is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies... Read this week's journal here

It is also highly beneficial to reread the past week's astrological journal as it gives a hindsight view of the events that took place and may provide many "ah-ha" insights. 


mother holding up a baby
Accessing Life Purpose: From the Womb Onward
by Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

Among traditional peoples, when a woman expecting a child enters the last trimester of her pregnancy, the shamans of…

autumn leaves
Change Is Inevitable, So Don't Freak Out!
by Marie T. Russell, InnerSelf

Change is inevitable. Notice your reaction to that statement. Change IS inevitable. Pay attention to your body's…

a model standing on a runway facing her shadow... all in green
Befriending the Shadow: Transforming Darkness Into Light
by Robert Ohotto

When we don't recognize or accept certain parts of our own nature - positive and negative - we'll project these…

woman's face with half of it in shadows
Boundaries: Holding Back From Revealing our "True" Self
by Marie T. Russell

Boundaries... barriers... walls... All these words have similar meanings. They indicate a place where one must stop and…

girl with tattoos on face and heavy make-up
Is It Good or Bad? And Are We Qualified to Judge?
by Marie T. Russell

Judgment plays a big part in our lives, so much that we are not even aware most of the time that we are judging. If you…

Man and woman sitting in a restaurant talking.
Honesty: The Only Hope for New Relationships
by Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

According to most of the singles I have met in my travels, the typical dating situation is fraught with fear. It seems…

forest with ferns and light shining in the background
Just One Good Thing... and Another, and Another
by Marie T. Russell

I woke up this morning to grey skies. My first thought was "Uh, a grey day!" It came to me that perhaps I would be best…

staring out into cosmic space
The Shift: Are These the Worst of Times or the Enlightenment of Mankind
by Bernard Haisch

Zoologist & paleo-anthropologist Hank Wesselman is a scientist with a foot in two worlds. He spent 30 years researching…

sad looking boy
Encouraging Your Child's Self-Esteem: Beware of Verbal Abuse
by Patricia Evans

When a parent faces a stressful situation and their child needs attention, the urgencies of the moment can invite a…

an unoccupied bench overlooking a river in a valley
Life's Most Powerful Things: Mind and No Mind
by O.C. Smith and James Shaw

Things do not appear without a thought having first given "life" to them. Through your thoughts, you are creating all…

Changing Yourself & Your Past
Changing Yourself and Your Past: Would You Want To Change Your Past?
by Stuart Wilde

If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be? If you could go back and change one thing…


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