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Our InnerSelf welcomes your inner self.

It may seem, these days, that our plate is too full... so many things to deal with, to process, to seek to understand. Fortunately, we know that for each yang there is a yin... so for each down moment, there is an up one. The cycles of life are ever present and continuous..

This week we look at various attitudes and things to do to help us navigate these troubling times, and help us to remember and rediscover the joy and love that is always present... even when it might not be obvious.

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Marie T. Russell
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"


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How To Rise Above the Dark Days of Life

 Marie T. Russell, InnerSelf.com
how to rise above the dark
I suppose we may all, at times, feel like we are living in dark times. We may feel discouraged at the "state of the world" or at the behavior of people the world over, and even of those close to us. Or we may be downhearted at the life we are living...

How To Rise Above the Dark Days of Life (Video)

 Why It’s So Difficult to Engage Men as Allies and How To Change That

 Ray Arata, author of the book "Showing Up"
women shaking hands at a business meeting, with men loooking on
If we aren’t being denied opportunities based on our gender and our identities, or not having to work twice as hard to adhere to a double standard simply because of who we are, then it doesn’t get our attention—because it’s not happening to us. And this certainly is not an excuse. We’re simply not experiencing the pain.

Freeing Ourselves by Telling the Truth

 Barbara Berger, author of the book "Find and Follow Your Inner Compass"
man sitting in a chair looking outward
It's hard to make any real progress on the journey of self-discovery, self-realization, self-empowerment and healing without telling the truth. We have to tell the truth to get the energy moving. We have to tell the truth for change to happen in our lives.

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Letting Go of Stuck Emotions

 Jolie Dawn, author of the book "Empowered, Sexy, and Free"
Pensive young girl sitting on a rock
Whether you had a mostly emotionally functioning home or a blatantly dysfunctional one, you likely experienced strong, keen, painful emotions and at some point had to learn how to shut them down to protect yourself.

Helping the People of Ukraine

 Joyce Vissell, author of "Heartfullness: 52 Ways to Open to More Love"
a heart filled with light
We are all wishing that we could do something to help. Yes, we could send money and that is good, but not all people have the means to send money. But there is a powerful way in which each one of us can help on a daily basis...

Helping the People of Ukraine (Video)

How To Train Your Fat To Ward Off Diseases As You Age

 Maria Hornbek, University of Copenhagen
traing your fat 3 6
Even though our fatty tissue loses important function with age, a high volume of exercise can have a significant impact for the better, according to a new study.

Build This Cheap Effective Air Purifier

 Douglas Hannah, Boston University
 air purfer 3 4
As it became clear that COVID-19 was spread through airborne transmission, people started wearing masks and building managers rushed to upgrade their ventilation systems.

A Cathedral Dedicated to War! How Religion Is Being Perverted by War Mongering

 Lena Surzhko Harned, Penn State
 relifious preversion 3 5
A curious new church was dedicated on the outskirts of Moscow in June 2020: The Main Church of the Russian Armed Forces.

Pandemic Slog: 7 Steps to Extract Yourself and What To Do Instead (Video)

 Rabbi Daniel Cohen, author of the book "What Will They Say About You When You're Gone?"
a man sitting holding his head
Pandemic slog is the feeling that no matter how much progress we seem to make, we feel stuck, anxious and a general malaise. We are less motivated and inspired to transcend inevitable obstacles and disappointments.

Daily Inspiration: March 6, 2022

 Marie T, Russell, InnerSelf.com
caricature of a baby bird getting ready to fly off a cliff 
Each one of us is unique. There is only one person like us in the whole Universe.

Mammograms Over-diagnose 1 In 7 Breast Cancers In The US

 Sarah Avery, Duke University
mamograms 3 5
About one in seven breast cancers detected by mammogram screening in the United States are over-diagnosed, according to a new study.

Recent History Shows We Can't Be Complacent About Infectious Diseases

 Gerry Wright, McMaster University
 infectious disease 3 5
One thing is certain: COVID-19 will not be the last challenge of our time, and even while we are striving to tame the current pandemic, we need to prepare for the next challenge, using evidence and knowledge.

What's Really Behind The GOP's Anti-transgender Agendas

 Alison Gash, University of Oregon
 transgender discrimination 3 5
As a civil rights scholar, I have found that campaigns that mischaracterize LGBTQ-supportive policies as harmful to young people are a staple strategy conservatives use to galvanize their base.

Daily Inspiration: March 5, 2022

 Marie T, Russell, InnerSelf.com
hummingbird looking into a person's eye
It is, unfortunately, too easy for us to fall off of our path, off our center. So many things seem to be present to take us out of our calm inner center where our soul resides.

How Political Polarization Is Affecting Mental Health

 Elisa Brietzke, Queen's University, Ontario
 politics and mental health3 4
As a psychiatrist, I’ve never talked so much about politics with my patients as I have in the past two years. 

How To Get Infants Lots Of Needed Active Movement And Play

 Danae Dinkel, University of Nebraska
 help todlers ply 3 4
When people set personal fitness goals and establish their physical exercise routines, there’s a group of cuddly individuals that is often left out – infants!

How The War In Ukraine Is Changing Energy Geopolitics

 Scott L. Montgomery, University of Washington
 war in ukraine 3 4
Russia’s war against Ukraine will change the landscape of global energy and its geopolitics in profound ways. Pieces of this terrain have already begun shifting.

Daily Inspiration: March 4, 2022

 Marie T, Russell, InnerSelf.com
a man opening his shirt to a "inner superchild"
The voice of our creativity is the voice of our heart, the voice of our feelings. When uncensored by the mind and the inner critic, this voice will help us create the most wonderful experience of life.

Organized Crime Has Infiltrated Online Dating With Scams

 Carlo Handy Charles, McMaster University
two people communication with a laptop in two different locations
While we have been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine mandates and related protests for much of the past two years, a wave of financial fraud has spread rapidly across Canada and around the world.

Why Kids Are Nervous About Ditching Masks

 Elizabeth Englande and Katharine Covino-Poutasse
children at a table around a birthday cake
The new guidance recommends masks be worn indoors only in areas of high community risk and allows approximately 70% of people in the U.S. – including some 19 million children – to ditch their masks.

How The War In Ukraine Is Changing Europe

 Matt Fitzpatrick, Flinders University
how the war in ukraine is changing europe 
Historians are looking at the rapidly shifting present. They realise history is being made, not replayed in Ukraine. In the process, it is changing the face of Europe.

Daily Inspiration: March 3, 2022

 Marie T, Russell, InnerSelf.com
an hour glass and a meditaton bowl
There is no better time than now. This is the moment, the only moment. So whatever your heart is telling you to do right now, do it! Don't wait, don't doubt. If it feels right in your heart, go for it! 

Is Being A Sports Fan Good Or Bad For You?

 Melissa Fothergill, Newcastle University
sports fans stigma 3 2
Performance slumps. Relegations. Points deductions. Failed takeovers. Being a sports fan can seem an easy route to heartache when even the good times come with the spectre of future decline.

Why GPS Route May Not Be The Best Route

 Alyson Chapman, Texas A&M University
gps not best route 3 2
As route guidance systems aim to find the shortest path between a beginning and ending point.

How To Decrease The Risk Of Premature Death

 Bradley Elliott, University of Westminster
 why resistance training 3 2
There’s long been evidence that moderate aerobic exercise (think walking, running, or cycling) are good for your lifelong health and well-being. But what else?

Why Your Kid Won’t Put Down The Smartphone

 Meghan Owenz, Penn State
smartphone abuse 3 2 
Nearly three-quarters of parents are concerned that their kids’ use of mobile devices may be harmful to them or to family relationships – and that was from research done before the pandemic.

What Are The Risks That Russia Will Turn To Its Nuclear Arsenal?

 Mark Webber and Nicolò Fasola, University of Birmingham
dr strangelove 3 2
Is Russia now led by someone who would contemplate using nuclear weapons without any great concern? Over Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has dropped some pretty big hints that he is prepared to cross that strategic Rubicon.

Daily Inspiration: March 2, 2022

 Marie T, Russell, InnerSelf.com
guilt and shame

Guilt and shame, as well as blame and judgment, just hold us down, and they do the same to the people around us. These dark energies muffle the light of our inner being and dim the love that wants to shine forth.

What You Eat Can Reprogram Your Genes

 Monica Dus, University of Michigan Medical School
food alters genes 3 1
People typically think of food as calories, energy and sustenance. However, the latest evidence suggests that food also “talks” to our genome, which is the genetic blueprint that directs the way the body functions down to the cellular level.

How To Talk To Children About The Invasion Of Ukraine

 Nicole Racine, University of Calgary et al
parenting in times of Trauma3 1
If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or educator, you may ask yourself: Should I talk to kids about these world events?

How Transformational Change Is Coming To How People Live On Earth

 Edward R. Carr, Clark University
world must tranform 2 3 1
Governments have delayed action on climate change for too long, and incremental changes in energy and food production will no longer be enough to create a climate-resilient future, a new analysis from scientists around the world warns.

1 In 10 Americans Say They Don’t Eat Meat And Growing

 Bailey Norwood and Courtney Bir, Oklahoma State University
americans eating less meat 3 1
That’s the main finding of an online survey we administered to 930 Americans, selected to be representative of the U.S population in terms of gender, education, age and income. The margin of error is plus or minus 2%.

Daily Inspiration: March 1, 2022

 Marie T, Russell, InnerSelf.com
woman in the dark with hands pressed against a window
The best stories and movies contain some drama and suspense. The human race loves excitement and drama, and the adrenaline rush it provides -- so much so, that we attract it and create it in our lives and relationships.

Daily Inspiration: February 28, 2022

 Marie T, Russell, InnerSelf.com
sunrise through the dark forest 
Life always seeks equilibrium or balance. The thing to remember when faced with "dark days" is that the light will always return. 

This Week's Astrological Overview

Horoscope: Week of March 7 - 13, 2022

 Pam Younghans, NorthPoint Astrologystone sculpture of a man and woman holding up a lantern 
This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.


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