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Turning people against each other has essentially been the stalwart method of gaining political power by the unscrupulous small men speaking from a balcony. Their appeal is to the unsure and frightened masses who worship their rhetoric unthinkingly until disaster engulfs all. It is a historical pattern that repeats for those that leave their democratic hen house unguarded and unattended. Be they Whiteys, Blacks, Browns, Scarf Wearers, Catholics, Christians, Jews, Gypsies, or Pizza Eaters With A Fork, it seems that all groups are subject to minor discrimination or holocaustic finalization at one time or another.
This is both an ancient pattern, one on our historical doorstep, or occurring this very moment. Most journalism is failing us by not adequately calling out these small men of history crawling out from under their rock of low self-esteem. Yet some are sounding the alarm for those capable of discerning the wheat from the chaff.
small men from a balcony 10 19
First up is a most outstanding documentary from the celebrated film maker Ken Burns. You can watch the entire program on Even for we who are familiar with the story, have visited the actual locations, or even have lived through the horror, there is something new here to take warning for today. - Robert Jennings
We leave history and move to the present  While this segment is about antisemitism keep in mind the previously  mentioned: Be they Whiteys, Blacks, Browns, Scarf wearers, Catholics, Christians, Jews, Gypsies, or Pizza Eaters With A For,k it seems that all groups are subject to minor discrimination or holocaustic finalization at one time or another.
In his characteristic no holds barred style, Olbermann calls out wannabe small men from balconies. - Robert Jennings

One Guess Only Pop Quiz.

Now, more news from the state known for political leaders with shrinking brain matter, the state that looks like a giant penis. It is a state ruled by a small man in search of a balcony. One guess only please.

To thwart "potential" meaningful cheating that has not yet occurred, I now have to call, each election, to get my mail-in ballot thanks to the political party that actually does cheat. The reigning republican Senator running for reelection wants all the mail-in ballot drop-offs to be eliminated because Floridians (oops!) will undoubtedly blow them up and destroy the ballots inside because elections are sacred, you know. I wonder if those are the same people responsible for democratic yard signs being as scarce as hen's teeth and those that do exist rely on security cameras, permanent staining grease, or electrification to thwart freedom-loving thieves. Freedom for whom you say? One guess only please!

My wife and I went to a very busy pharmacy a couple blocks from house to get the new covid booster and we were there for 30 minutes or so. The whole time, only 2 people were wearing a mask. Guess which 2 editors. One guess only please!

In case you didn't hear, And if you have been hunkering down with  Fox news you might not have heard. New covid strains and cases are once again on the rise in Europe. It we in North America follow the same pattern as the last covid waves it will possibly only be 3-4 weeks before new cases and deaths are on the rise here. We are the country where 1 in 300 people have already died of Covid. Which country are we? One guess only please. - Robert Jennings


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