Republicans Treating Mass Shootings as Inevitable as Bad Weather

Keith Olbermann discusses how Republicans in America are treating mass shootings like bad weather, as if it's inevitable and cannot be prevented. He shares a horrific story of a witness to the recent shooting in Allen, Texas, who found a girl without a face. The cops and authorities offer nothing but emotionless platitudes, as if they've become desensitized to the tragedy.

Olbermann notes that children and adults are randomly killed in public by right-wing terrorists using weapons of war, yet the Republicans refuse to ban assault weapons. They have banned various other things, such as drag shows, doctors from helping kids, books, history, and voting. He believes that the president must take action by issuing executive orders to reduce the carnage and, most importantly, by telling the truth that Republicans cause mass shootings.


Paul Krugman on The Debt Ceiling

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and Al Franken suggest several ways the crisis can be avoided. One way is to have a majority of House members sign a discharge petition, which would bypass the Speaker of the House and allow a bill to be brought to the floor, likely resulting in the debt ceiling being raised. However, this is seen as a long shot.

Another way is for the Biden administration to do an end run around the debt ceiling, possibly by claiming it is unconstitutional, which could lead to litigation. The video suggests that the Supreme Court might be reluctant to make a partisan decision that crashes the world economy.

There is also a possibility that some Republicans could step up and vote to raise the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling crisis is seen as fundamentally gimmicky, and the video suggests that neither party really cares about debt, but that the crisis is being used as a political tool.


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