Written by Joyce Vissell and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

Do you ever find yourself looking at certain people and thinking to yourself, "Surely that person's life is totally incredible and they are not hurting like I am."  This is something most people do; they look at others, compare themselves to them, and conclude that the other person's life is better. Whereas you are so aware of the hurt and problems in your life.

My news for you, coming from 47 years of counseling people, is that everyone hurts sometimes. People can look totally together and happy on the outside, and on the inside, there is a hurt that they are feeling, but just not showing.

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Sometimes I watch small clips on YouTube of the winners of "Britain's Got Talent." I think the best one I ever saw was a sixty-four-year-old priest by the name of Father Ray Kelly from a small city in Ireland. He sang a song called, "Everybody Hurts." I believe it was the first time that a priest was on the show, and he got a standing ovation. Before he sang, he told the judges that he wanted to sing this song for all of his parishioners to comfort them as he knows they all hurt sometimes...

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