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Psychic ability conjures up a lot of different images in people’s minds. Chances are good that we have seen portrayals of psychics on TV and in movies that stick in our minds as truth, but they might actually be more of the Hollywood variety.

Psychic ability, despite what the media portray, doesn’t have to be some strange, unnatural phenomena given to the poor tortured psychic as a heavy burden to carry. It’s not meant to dial you into every haunted house within a twenty-mile radius or to attract shadowy spirits whose motive is to scare the life out of you at 3 a.m. every morning. We don’t generally flop around on the floor having fits when we have visions or get stalked by scary paranormal beings wherever we go.

Psychics are not in league with the devil (any more than anyone else could be), and it’s not a dark gift that’s meant to be used for whatever infernal and nefarious plans the cult master has cooked up.

Having psychic ability is very normal—in fact everyone has some degree of ability. It’s like athletic or musical ability; everyone has some natural ability, and while it’s true that some people might have more talent than other people, you still need to study and practice to maximize your potential.

It is a gift that is meant to help guide us through our life, to assist us in discovering and walking our life’s purpose, and to help us serve other people too. Our psychic awareness connects us to our own inner wisdom and is meant to help us navigate through the uncertain nature of life on planet Earth, and it also directs us toward a more soulful and fulfilling life. Our intuition is part of our instinct for survival as well as a guiding light, moving us more deeply into our life’s purpose.

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I can pretty much guarantee that at some point in your life, you have had a psychic experience. The truth is that psychic awareness is so common, ordinary, and useful that it probably happens to you ten times a day. And your life will benefit greatly if you pay attention and further develop these skills.

Have You Had Any Psychic Experiences?

You have had a psychic experience if you

  • have not only known that the phone was about to ring, but also knew who was calling, before it even rang,

  • had a dream or even a daydream that came true,

  • said to yourself, I knew that was going to happen or I had a bad feeling about that...,

  • are an excellent judge of character and know when people are not being honest,

  • heard a little voice in your head that tells you to take your umbrella or pick a different traffic route home, and when you do, you avoid the rain and a traffic jam,

  • had a nudge or a hunch that someone you cared about wasn’t doing well and needed a call or a visit,

  • have been at the right place at the right time to help out a stranger,

  • have felt creeped out in a place that you visited and sensed that some­thing bad happened there, or

  • have experienced the presence of a loved one that has passed away before you found out that the person was gone.

These are examples of very normal psychic experiences that I heard about from my students just in the past week. The bottom line is that, for the most part, psychic experiences are totally normal and nothing to be afraid of.

How We Receive Intuitive and Psychic Information

We receive our intuitive and psychic information through our psychic senses. Most people have a range of these senses, which can also grow and develop with the right knowledge and practice. A psychic sense might be hearing a little voice inside your head that gives you extra-useful advice, or having a gut knowing or feeling about things. Most psychics also receive psychic information through their bodies too, and, of course, there is the classic visual psychic who sees things, more like little movies with the inner eye.

You will already have some of your psychic senses open, and this may be where your natural talents lie. And, the psychic senses can also be developed and expanded on with practice.

I often refer to people with strong psychic abilities as sensitives, but it’s a term that I use interchangeably with psychic. People might have any combination of psychic abilities, but sensitives tend a little more toward the feeling psychic gifts.

Chances are very good that if you are reading this, you have had some kind of psychic opening. This happens in many different ways for people, and your journey and experience are, of course, unique. And yet, there are some common trends and patterns that are worth discussing.

Psychic Openings

A psychic opening happens when our psychic abilities kick into gear and our talents makes themselves known. For some people, this happens very quickly, almost over­night, and it is attached to an event in their lives, like the death of someone close to them or powerful personal transformation.

Other people open up a little more slowly over a period of time. The gradual psychic opening is a gentle and easy way to go through this process, and it is akin to gradually turning up the lights slowly over time. In these cases, we have a chance to get used to our psychic gifts as they emerge and integrate them as we go along. Maybe you notice that your dreams are more frequent and more vivid than they were before, or that your intuition is happening all the time and your life is full of synchronicities, signs, and omens that confirm your intuitive hits.

Other people have a more sudden psychic opening, which is more like having the light bulb switched on. This can bring with it great illumina­tion and also some challenges.

Sudden Psychic Openings

It can be difficult and scary to have your psychic abilities pop open suddenly and strongly. Called a sudden psychic opening, it’s like a dam bursting and the resulting flood of psychic experiences can be seriously destabilizing.

The signs of a sudden psychic opening vary from person to person and depend a lot on what our natural psychic abilities and skills are. For the most part, it includes having our psychic abilities switch on very suddenly, which leaves us feeling overwhelmed, confused about what is happening, and longing for a way to understand it all, and, better yet, turn it off when we need to. Teisha, one of my students, likened it to suddenly having a floodlight illuminate a previously dark room.

Sudden psychic openings can happen as the result of spiritual practice, but often they are the result of a dramatic, initiatory experience that shifts and shocks us into a sudden opening. Here some examples of what can precipitate a sudden psychic opening:

  • long periods of time doing spiritual practice like meditation or yoga

  • a near-death experience or a serious illness that brings us close to death

  • the death of a loved one or a powerful loss, such as a breakup or divorce

  • sudden and extreme shift in circumstances, like a move, a crisis, or a natural disaster, which is also sometimes a brush with death

  • psychedelic drugs like ayahuasca, LSD, DMT, or psilocybin mushrooms

These events can crack us open and create a powerful shift in our consciousness. Any circumstance that provides us with a direct and personal experience of the divine source can open up our psychic and spiritual energy centers in a sudden way that floods us with psychic experiences.

When Psychic Openings Can Get Dark and Scary

Our inner healing work needs to go hand in hand with our spiritual and psychic unfoldment, or we run the risk of becom­ing unbalanced. In addition to this, it is very important that you attend to your mental and emotional health along the way and make this your highest priority.

Sudden psychic openings can take a dark and scary turn when they happen to people who have a lot of unprocessed trauma. It’s vitally important to recognize, acknowledge, and take action if you are feeling unbalanced. In general, psychic and spiritual openings call us to our healing, and it’s a powerful opportunity, if we answer that call. I strongly urge you to seek healing if you have trauma that you haven’t yet addressed.

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